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Izvori života OPG Zelenika Ilok

About us

Our story
The family tourist farm “Izvori života” is located in the area of the town of Ilok, it was founded in 2000 and is owned by the Zelenika family.
The economy has developed a unique tourist and catering offer in a way that connects the natural beauty of the Danube and Ilok with winemaking and sparkling wine.
The easternmost city of the Republic of Croatia, located on the slopes of Fruška Gora, along the right bank of the Danube. It is the place where East and West meet. The area of the city of Ilok has been a well-known wine-growing area since the Illyrian and Roman eras, and our economy preserves its tradition.

What we do
“Izvori Života” is the first farm with organic grape cultivation in the area of the town of Ilok.
The farm owns two vineyards located on loess deposits on the right side of the Danube river, and its main activity is the production of wine and sparkling wine. The grape varieties grown on the farm are Traminac red fragrant and Chardonnay.
Ecological production on the farm implies the establishment of a sustainable management system respecting natural resources and cycles and maintaining and improving the preservation of soil, water and plants and their mutual balance, thus contributing to a high level of biological diversity. With this form of production, we obtain high-quality products that meet consumer demands without harming the environment and the health of people and animals.
We pay special attention to shaping the identity of the product, from quality to story and design, which we find in the rich cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. Thus, we preserved from oblivion the story of the Aureus coin of Emperor Diocletian and the Romanian Queen Carmen Sylva, who was vacationing in Opatija.

“Izvori života”
The family farm “Izvori života” (“Springs of Life”) stands out for its products on the market with top quality, originality and uniqueness. One of the reasons for this is the location of our vineyards, which lie on the loess deposits of the Danube River. The area along the Danube River is rich in minerals that give our products their uniqueness and quality. Also, the town of Ilok is geographically located in an almost ideal position, which stands out for its excellent ratio of moisture and sunlight, which are the key to the ripening of grapes.

On the other hand, the quality of our products relies on the willingness of the Zelenika family to always be at the source of the latest developments in winemaking. Ensuring constant growth of product and service quality.
At the end, we can round off this story with one interesting thing. Human beings need 13 minerals for life. We can find exactly those 13 minerals in wine, which leads us to the conclusion that we can call wine the “Source of Life”.
Professional associate

In order to obtain top quality wines, sparkling wines, stories and designs, we cooperate with experts from various sectors, from culture to agronomy.
Academician Ivan Kožarić (Academic Sculptor)
Ante Mušura
Professor oenologist Milorad Zoričić
Ivica Rađa
Prof. Ph.D. Amir Muzur
Prof. Ruža Marić
dr. sc. Joško Belamarić

Vukovar-Syrmia County

A. Benešića 12,
Ilok 32236
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Every special moment in our family is marked by our wines and sparkling wines. With our products, we want to reach your joyful moments so that they are even more special.
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