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About us

About us


For thousands of years, at more or less intermittent intervals, vines have been grown on this land, and intoxicating, playful wines have been tasted and poured. Legends and stories about the vineyards of that time and the Roman military station on the top of this hill have remained from the time of the Roman Empire and Roman culture from the ancient 2nd century.

In the later years after Rome, numerous medieval feudal lords took turns in this area, each of whom left their mark on the cultivation of vines and wine.



Once in your life you feel the call to take a new step, then you first look for a place to step on. A place that provides opportunities and opportunities that you see at the first moment, but also feels, that this is the place you are looking for.

The only rights through the history and experience of the people, and determined by country and position, given the opportunity to achieve the goal.



Without the dedication, constant learning and attention, perseverance, falling, and re-rising of every single man working in the vineyard and cellar, the goal described above would not have been possible.

In order to produce BOLFAN wines in accordance with the descriptions and our goals, all the diligent employees of the winery are responsible for that, from Vjekoslav, Luka, Dario, Josip … all the way to the manager Branimir Puškadija, oenologist Andrej Rebernišek.

Contact us

Bolfan Vinski Vrh is located in the municipality of Hraščina, Zlatar vineyards, in the wine-growing subregion Međimurje – Zagorje. We are very easy to find, and when you arrive at our property we believe that the sound of silence, beautiful scenery and lookout will leave you breathless for at least a short time.

From the Zagreb – Varaždin motorway, get off at the Brezniči Hum exit, after the descent follows the direction of Varaždin, and then for about 300 meters (near the church) turn left for Zlatar. Follow the main road regardless of its curvature, and you will enter Hraščina (the second church), then continue straight along the main road. Before the next church you will soon see, turn right and climb to the top of the hill.

Contact us at +385 95 1515 000 – hostess of the Bolfan cellar or by e-mail: bolfan@bolfanvinskivrh.hr

Ecological certification


We have a certificate – an ecological certificate for Bolfan wines.

We cooperate with: Biovega, Vrutak, Interspar, Metro.

The orientation in the production of grapes and wine BOLFAN is harmonized with the goal of Ecological procedures and long-term natural principles. Both in the vineyard and in the cellar, our desire is to respect the interests of a healthy natural environment, maintain the microbiological balance in the vineyard and beyond, fight for the health of our vine, act in the awareness of every wine lover, customer and bystander.

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