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Production of jams and cold cuts and cultivation of pomegranates, hazelnuts, vegetables, fruits and cereals

About us

About us

OPG PETIR MARIJA is engaged in the production of jam and winter. We grow pomegranate (wild rose), hazelnut, vegetables, fruits, and cereals.

Marija Petir (family farm owner) and Stjepan Petir (family farm member) work on the family farm.

Production began in 2008 and has been slowly increasing over the years. 2020 by switching to measure 6.3.1. we bought a lot of equipment that greatly facilitates both the processing of orchards and the production of products.

We process in our own registered space.


Fairs: Sajam zimnice (Winter bottling food fair), Kupujmo Hrvatsko

Membership in associations/cooperatives: Ženska perspektiva, Poduzetnice banovine (Banovina entrepreneurs)

Antique products from the new pot.

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