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Dear visitors welcome to our Prigorje home. We will do our best to make your stay in our cellar a fond memory and that you will want to return very soon. Prigorje delicacies, excellent Prigorje wines and a beautiful view from our vineyard will help us with that. Escape from the hot Zagreb asphalt and rest your mind and body surrounded by the smells and tastes of Prigorje.

Polovanec wines

The most common continental variety, which differs from the powerful Adriatic varieties in less pronounced tannins and is, therefore, milder and “drinkable”. Due to the composition of the soil in Prigorje, Pinot Noir is one of the red varieties that thrive best in northwestern Croatia.
Pinot Gris is the most awarded wine of the Polovanec family. Last year, at the wine exhibition in Zelina, for the third time in a row, it was named the best Pinot Gris in northwestern Croatia. It thrives on the sites of Krč and Krčevina, which are located near the Polovanec winery.
One of the most widespread varieties in Croatia, especially adored by fans of the most famous Croatian cocktail-gemište. It is adorned with a note of apple, and Prigorje Graševina is different because it is dominated by a note of green apple. In the cellar of the Polovanec family, Graševina is, along with the kingdom, the most represented wine variety.

The Traminac from the Polovanec family has taken the place of the champion of the Zagreb Vineyards exhibition five times. Despite the fact that this is a variety that rarely occurs in northwestern Croatia, and especially in Prigorje, Traminer Polovanec has found ideal conditions on the hills of Prigorje. Due to fewer hours of sunshine and more rainfall, it differs from the much better known Slavonian Traminac by its rounded aroma.

As a traditional characteristic of the variety, it is adorned with made floral and fruity aromas and the rest of the sugar, but chardonnay grown in the Progora-Plešivica region differs in that it has recognizable acids that do not make it exclusively a favourite wine of the fairer sex. Barrique chardonnay is one of the main flagships of the Polovanec cellar.
Cuvée Polovanec wine is dominated by the autochthonous Prigorje variety-kingdom, with more than 80%. The remaining 15% is a mixture of white varieties.
One of the most common varieties in the cellar Polovanec. It is a very wide variety that is characterized by a good yield in the foothills and unusually developed assortment characteristics for this wine region. Merlot Polovanec’s colour and bouquet are most reminiscent of those grown in the southern regions of Croatia.

Syrah originally originates even from Iran and is one of the varieties that has been among the last to experience a stronger expansion in Croatia. In Prigorje, Syrah is represented only by two or three producers, which makes it an interesting wine and variety that has great potential. Syrah families Polovanec are characterized by dark red colour and tannins. A more exclusive barrique line is also available.

Another indigenous variety of northwestern Croatia and a Croatian counterpart to the French bejaoullais. It is the variety that matures first and traditionally the first bottles are opened in October and the most common stocks are depleted by Christmas. The Portuguese is drunk exclusively as a young wine and goes best with the most famous autumn fruit – chestnut.
Cabernet Sauvignon is the most popular red variety among consumers, which is also called “wine-medicine” in the Polovanec family because of its characteristics that have a positive effect on the human circulatory system. and the most exclusive wine in the Polovanec cellar.
It is a predominantly continental red variety which, with fewer hours of sunshine, achieves significant sugar levels and a pronounced blood-red colour. Dornfelder originates from Germany, and the Polovanec family was the first in Prigorje to raise plantations of this variety. It is also a variety of wine that is drunk young and immediately after Portugisca and is not a variety that is recommended for storage and is most often consumed within the first year of age.

The most represented and one of the most popular wines of the Polovanec family, named after the largest locality Krč. It is a mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah varieties. The mixture of varieties, especially red ones, is very non-specific for Prigorje, but also for the entire wine road of the City of Zagreb.

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Escape from the hot Zagreb asphalt and rest your mind and body surrounded by the smells and tastes of Prigorje
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