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OPG Knežević

Family beekeeping with tradition since 1974

About us

About us

The family beekeeping Knežević with a tradition of production began in 1974 and is located in Šiškovci in an absolutely ecological environment overgrown with wild plants, blossoming orchards, meadows and old Slavonian forests.

During the flowering of various honey plants, bees migrate from Ilok via Krndija, Banovina and Bilogora all the way to Lika and Gorski Kotar.

They are champions of honey quality at numerous competitions, and the recognized quality of honey by customers is just an additional confirmation that they perform their beekeeping with technology and processes that guarantee the quality of natural bee honey.

Beekeepers with about 650 beehives are one of the largest migratory beekeepers in Croatia.

They produce about 12 types of honey, depending on the season, weather and flowering plants, and all other bee products (propolis, royal jelly, pollen, wax). Lifestyle, diet, physical and mental exhaustion, stressful conditions, and environmental pollution have a negative impact on the resistance of the human body.

Human adaptation to a new way and dynamics of life requires stronger sources of quality energy. Thus, the value of bee products – honey, propolis, royal jelly and pollen, known in folk medicine and science, will have an increasing significance.

On Saint Ambrose Day 2021, the Knežević family opened the Beekeeping Museum located in Šiškovci. It contains more than 450 old exhibits that bear witness to the history of beekeeping. As part of the museum, there is also a library with more than two hundred titles, and the oldest book is from 1879. The museum is the crown of the Knežević family honey story.

A few years ago, they were the first in Croatia to open an API chamber for apiinhalation with bee air. Opening an apicorome is an entry into health tourism, while a museum is a form of rural tourism. And the entrance for every visitor is free!

Croatian Farmer Products


Exhibitions: Exhibition and tasting of honey in the Beekeeping Museum in Šiškovci

Awards won: 40 times we were champions for honey quality at various honey evaluations in the Republic of Croatia and abroad we are more than 400 times winners of various diplomas.

Membership in associations/cooperatives: Croatian Beekeeping Association, Nektar Vinkovci Beekeeping Association




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You live healthier with bee products, and OPG Knežević makes sure that all the bounty of nature is ready for you. When people ask us why our honey is so good, we modestly answer that the secret is that, apart from spinning, we do nothing else. Everything is done by the bees.

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