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OPG Amalka Vukelić

Biodynamic cultivation

About us

About us:

When you become a parent you don’t just decide on your life. The idea came from itself because, with two young children, my husband and I decided to leave the centre of Zagreb and bought a small property near Varaždin.

The imperative was to produce food that children could eat from their garden at any time without fear of residual chemical protective agents. Through careful market research, we have come to the conclusion that berries, and especially currants, areas poorly represented in our market as quince. Today we grow 185 quince trees and 1,100 currant bushes and vegetables on an area of ​​4500 m2.


Our intention is to create a fruit processing plant, first in fruit wines and later in high-quality fruit vinegar, valued as a true delicacy worldwide.

We have recognized boutique production as a model that can be served by a family that has control over and production of raw materials, and the process of processing and distribution of finished products.


Within our farm, we cooperate with primary schools and kindergartens, where through practical workshops we show the youngest how to grow food in a sustainable way using biodynamic methods – use biodynamic preparations, work according to the sowing manual, work in the garden and plantations in accordance with natural rhythms, etc..

Visit us:

Twice a year on our property we organize workshops for the production and application of biodynamic preparations, as well as the compost pile stacking. All information about the workshops is published on our OPG Facebook page in due time. All interested are free to come, visit us, participate in workshops and socialize with us.
You can also contact us and come visit at any time to learn about our production.

Partners and collaborations:

Collaboration with LifeClass Spa Sv. Martin – Restaurant Le Batat
Cooperation with Restaurant Bernarda, Varaždin Spa, both restaurants offer organic and biodynamic food
Cooperation with restaurant Međimurje dvori.

Biodynamic agriculture:

Biodynamic agriculture allows the plant to make its own choices for its health by providing it with healthy soil, high humus content in the soil, strong organic activity, the presence of insects that balance the crops and thus optimize production. Losses and lower yields occurring in biodynamic plantations are compensated through the price of the product and it enables the profitability of this production.

Food produced in this way is distributed through a niche market in which there is an increasing demand for such products.
Our primary culture is currant, three varieties – red, black and white, six varieties; two varieties of quince and vegetables that we produce from ecologically and biodynamically certified seeds.


Fairs: EKO Arena Bedekovčina, Healthy Living Fairs Zagreb…
Awards won: Shortlist of the most successful young farmers of the Republic of Croatia in 2018.
Membership in NGOs: Member of the Biodynamic Society “Podravje” – Slovenia
4.Member of the Luna Biodynamic Association of Varaždin County

Croatian Eco Product


Ulica Pri Gori 7,
Lužan Biškupečki 42204
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NUMBER OF Ha: 1,80
"The goal of biodynamics is to create a self-sustaining organism from the farm"
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