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IDA Nova –Igor Jambrešić – KUPILEK

ECO-production of fragrant and medicinal blackberry wine

About us

About us

The Jambrešić family


We are a harmonious, large and diligent family engaged in ECO-production of fragrant and medicinal blackberry wine.

Back in 1991, we planted the first blackberry seedling, and in 1993. we produced the first experimental barrel of KUPILEK wine.

I am Igor Jambrešić, the holder of the agricultural farm OPG JAMBREŠIĆ and the owner of the entrepreneurial project “Production of blackberry wine KUPILEK”, which was also my graduate work in the professional study of Economics.


We offer state-of-the-art production technology based on the settings of dr.sc. Gerhard Shubert, oenologist and professor at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, to whom we are immensely grateful for the expert advice and supervision of the production process and the magic drop of ruby ​​that we are proud of.

The whole family participates in the production – mother Dragica Jambrešić takes care of our blackberry plantations, from flowering to harvest, so every leaf and bush is accompanied by her watchful eye with an effort to achieve the highest possible fruit quality.

With his many years of experience, Dad Ivan Jambrešić creates a production process in which we select the tastiest and healthiest ECO blackberries to get a drinkable blackberry wine “KUPILEK”, which requires hard work, perseverance and goodwill.

At the very beginning of production, we offered freshly picked blackberries to customers in Zagreb’s markets in the summer, while we mostly shared the wine with friends and acquaintances. So we got feedback on the quality of the melted smell and taste in a drop of our KUPILEK.


Driven by numerous praises for the obtained aroma, distinct red colour, pleasant aroma and fine fruity taste – with knowledge of the healing riches of blackberry wine – we came up with the idea to expand our hobby production KUPILEKA into a serious entrepreneurial venture.

By expanding blackberry plantations, we became real experts in production. At the professional study of Economics, I also defended my dissertation related to our venture.


We have personally tested each product to make sure of its quality and excellent taste.

Brother Dražen’s children were the first to taste blackberry syrup and spread fine blackberry jam, produced according to their grandmother’s recipe, while sister Ana managed to significantly improve her blood count by drinking our wine.


In conquering new markets, contracts were concluded with leading wholesalers and specialized stores.

We are present at all major fairs throughout Croatia where customers can taste and buy our products at promotional prices.

Following the latest oenological standards of wine production, with the transition to ECO-production, we gain the favour of new customers and become an increasingly recognizable brand KUPILEK.

We offer

  • Blackberry wine KUPILEK 0,75L = 55Kn
  • BATH 0.5L = 45Kn
  • KUPILEK 1L = 65Kn
  • Blackberry juice, Blackberry fruit syrup 0.75L = 30Kn
  • Freshly squeezed blackberry juice 0.2L = 15Kn
  • Blackberry jam, Extra pitted jam 20Kn




Visit us

Visit us at our retail locations:

  • Arena Center – we work every day from 09-21h
  • City Center One West & East & SPLIT – we work; on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 09-21h, and every day during December.
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Exhibitions: VINOcom

Awards won: GOLD DIPLOMA – 4th international evaluation of fruit wines

Membership in associations/cooperatives: Vino Zagorje, Association of Winemakers Antun Mihanović Klanjec

City of Zagreb

Novi Dvori Klanječki 43,
Novi Dvori Klanječki 49290
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NUMBER OF Ha: 2,20
KUPILEK - wine of health and pleasure!
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