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Pasta tatters - Zagorski mlinci

About us

About us

KOGUTEX Tjestenine d.o.o. is engaged in the manual production of autochthonous products from Hrvatsko Zagorje –  Pasta Tatters – Zagorski mlinci. We have been engaged in production for 17 years under our own brand of the eponymous company KOGUTEX doo, but in 2016 we founded a daughter company KOGUTEX Tjestenine d.o.o. which separates from trade, and continues to engage in the production of Zagorje mills.

We are entered in the register of agricultural holdings in the Republic of Croatia. The company is 100% privately owned. In order to continuously maintain the quality of this specific product, which is crucial in the development of the company, our intention is to take a leading position in the market as a manufacturer with a capacity of about 220 tons of handmade products per year.

Our production team consists of 17 professionally trained employees for this type of production. By purchasing Zagorje mills KOGUTEX, we guarantee the customer the originality and authenticity of the product under strict measures of controlled production, recognized quality and local origin.

Zagorje Pasta Tatters KOGUTEX are mills made exclusively by hand, they are not laminated, nor extruded, nor produced in industrial ways. The packaging, appearance and fragile textures are recognizable

Rustic Pasta Tatters – our brand new product in the range from 2019, the production process identical to the production of Zagorje mills, so all stages of production are done manually, but here we are talking about a different composition of the dough, the mixture is a special mixture of flour, buckwheat flour, spelled / bran and white smooth flour t550, of course salt and water. The product has long and carefully developed in collaboration with many nutritionists in the field of smartfood branch of food items. It is intended primarily for nutritionally conscious customers who are looking for a product with more carbohydrates and proteins, but with a reduced gluten content. The target product is intended for specialized health food stores, ie for grocery stores and centers that have health food departments in their composition. Of course, it is important to emphasize that we are the only producer of this type of product, and we are ready to offer more demanding customers and completely different grinders from traditional Zagorje. They are offered in a package of 500gr, and the shelf life is 12 months from the date of production.

We supply the leading trading houses in the Republic of Croatia, and since 2017 we have started exporting Zagorje mills to western EU members. You can buy our mills in stores throughout the Republic of Croatia, and of course in our grocery stores http://www.kogutex.hr/prodavaonice.html

Let us remind you, Zagorski mlinci is a product made of white flour, salt and water, the 23rd Croatian product entered in the register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications (ZOZP) at the level of the European Union, from 25 June. 2019. (EU 2019/1036) and we are extremely proud as a certified manufacturer of Zagorje mills for this recognition. By the way, Zagorje mills are first protected at the national level in the Republic of Croatia from 04/2017. year with a transitional indication of geographical origin. Two years later, protection at EU level followed.

We produce Zagorje mills in a 500g package that has a recognizable visibility, and for the HoReCa channel we have provided gastro packaging of our product in a 1 kg package, in order to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of caterers.


Fairs and mini-events

We are participants in all thematic fairs and events in Croatia, of which it is important to highlight the events 100% Zagorsko and Kupujmo Hrvatsko. We have won many recognitions and awards for our product. We are the only producer of Zagorje mills in the Republic of Croatia with the right to use the Croatian quality mark from September 2019.

You can read more about us on the web www.kogutex.hr.

It is also very important to mention that we are extremely pleased to receive school groups, children of kindergarten age, as well as professional study visits to our production facilities, to conjure up and see live participants that truly Zagorje KOGUTEX mills are produced exclusively by hand, just as they were once made by our grandmothers …. by entering our production you stepped into the process of making mills in the way that Zagorje mills have been produced since ancient times. ..

Ingredients and preparation:

Zagorski mlinci – Pasta tatters – a miracle of 3 ingredients, wheat white smooth flour, salt and water. Traditionally an autochthonous product of Hrvatsko Zagorje, made exclusively by hand, the dough is manually stretched and baked on heated metal plates, and then placed on shelves where it is dried until ready, and the grinders are ready for preparation and consumption. They are produced according to strict manufacturer’s specifications, without the addition of impurities, artificial colors and flavors, they are a unleavened product that contains gluten.

Shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture. They are traditionally prepared as a side dish with turkey, or any other roast. They are an integral part of every gastronomic offer in continental Croatia. We have been a certified manufacturer since 2017 by the certification body Bureau Veritas Croatia d.o.o.

More at:

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