Lagena Winery

16. September 2021. Nikola Vido

The scent of ancient Greece and Rome spreads from clay jugs with narrow and long necks. “Baked clay must smell like this,” we thought, but as we got closer we realized that this smell was well known. Wine. And what a wine! Lagena wine.

If you’ve been wondering where the name ‘Lagena’ comes from, it comes from the Latin name for a bottle (lat. Lagena, Greece Lagynos). It was used as a vessel for serving and transporting wine in the 4th century BC. in ancient Greece, and this tradition was continued by the Romans, whose empire was also present in Moslavina.

Once hung on a wrought-iron wedge on the wall in front of the cellar, Lagena’s were a recognizable sign that wine was being sold there. Today, some of the best Moslavina wines are sold in bottles, but still served in Lagena’s. At least that’s how we were greeted J

Now close your eyes and allow your sense of smell, hearing, but also imagination to do their thing.

You are located on the eastern slopes of Moslavina, on the border with Slovenia, in the vineyard of the Lagena Winery. The first vineyards in this position were planted in the middle of the 19th century, and today the fifth generation of winegrowers and winemakers from the Đozo family, who planted their first vines in 1992, creates art from “grapes”. You don’t see the end of the vineyards because they stretch to 6ha. The autochthonous Moslavina variety škrlet predominates in them, and Graševina, Pinot Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon are also unavoidable.

Lagena Winery

When you have visited the vineyards, a wine list is placed in front of you and you have to choose. The choice is not easy at all, but your eye still runs to the scarlet Coral Lagen. You chose it and in addition to being served to you in a clay pot, you also received one sample in a bottle as a gift (house of honour!). And now it is clear to you why the eye always first notices the different, special and unusual things.

“Can you tell us more about how it’s made?” You asked. And although the “chef” does not reveal his secrets, Mr Đozo whispered to you: “Every year on the island of Pag we lower at least 1 (150 pieces) or 2 cages (300 pieces) to a sea depth of 20 m. For a year, they lie in the wine cellar of the Adriatic Sea, at a temperature of about 10 ° C, a pressure of 3 bar, constant movements of the sea current, in the absence of sunlight. In such conditions, the wines mature faster, become “softer”, and the fruity notes intensify “.

“You took a sip and yes … this wine has a special ‘energy’, you thought.” But there is one problem. Your curiosity has awakened and now you want to try them all.

The information that the wines from this card are the proud owners of gold and silver medal from national exhibitions and bronze one from the most prestigious world wine competition in London, the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020, did not help you in your desire to resist curiosity.

The night is long, and in front of you are the award-winning Šklet Iconic 2019, Rosé 2018, Cabernet S. Iconic 2017 …

First in line is Šklet Iconic 2019:

The wine has a light, clear straw-yellow colour, with a greenish tinge. The scent is clean, with floral and fruity notes (meadow flowers, citrus fruits), varietal recognizable and authentic. The palate is dry and extractive. You can recognize the flavours of peach, apricot, tropical fruit, and green apple. Mmmmm.. it is extremely drinkable!

As you drink it, Mr Jozo reveals a secret hidden under the name “Iconic”. “The Iconic label signifies the best of the best in the Lagena winery’s cellar,” he says. Iconic wines are „trained“ especially carefully, micro … “and that is the moment your memory ends. But, the palates won’t forget!

While writing this, we actually told you about our experience at Lagena Winery.

However, if your obligations or summer heat do not allow you to go to Moslavina, we are sure that you have Vrutak, Lonia, Interspar, KTC, Pun Ceker or Atrox nearby. If you don’t have them nearby either, a webshop and just a few clicks separate you from the bottle of your choice.

New pages of this story will be written in the fall of 2021. In collaboration with VeeMee, for all wine lovers, Lagena is preparing a new line of wines, and we are already crossing the days on the calendar!

Before we greet you, it is time to conjure up the environment in which we are writing this article:

3 words: laptop, watermelon, Lagena rosé 2018.

Until the next reading,

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