A world without hunger – examples from Croatian companies

30. November 2020. VeeMee

A world without hunger

2. The goal of sustainable development – Eradicate hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture

The role of the business sector in achieving the 2nd goal of sustainable development

The world food system is under increasing pressure, which slows down development and creates risks for the policies of world governments, the business and social community, and the environment. In this regard, the business community is a key partner for government policies and other stakeholders in forming and launching an efficient, scalable and practical solution for a safe and sustainable food and agriculture system.

As a link for all players in the agricultural value chain, the business sector can contribute to addressing the challenges of eliminating hunger and improving a sustainable food distribution system by implementing business practices that are key to achieving the 2nd Sustainable Development Goal.

Basic postulates 2. The goals of sustainable development in which the business sector can play a key role are:

  • Healthy and affordable food
  • Food labeling, safety and prices
  • Sustainable purchases
  • Living conditions and genetic biodiversity of farm animals
  • Work practices in the supply chain


The role of HGK and HGK_COR ACCELERATOR in the implementation of COR 2

As a representative of the business community, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce sees its role in meeting all the Sustainable Development Goals by connecting different participants in building a sustainable Croatian economy. To this end, the HGK_COR ACCELERATOR platform was set up, which promotes partnership between the business sector, state institutions and the civil sector in achieving the goals of sustainable development in Croatia. Since the UN declared November the 2nd Sustainable Development Goal, the HGK_COR ACCELERATOR platform has collected examples of good practice in achieving a world without hunger in order to raise awareness of the challenges at the global, European, regional and national levels in eliminating hunger, achieving food security. and improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture.


  • HiPP Croatia d.o.o.
  • Kaufland Hrvatska k.d.
  • Oikon d.o.o.
  • Podravka d.d.
  • VeeMee d.o.o.
Solutions of Croatian companies

A world without hunger - VeeMee
VeeMee d.o.o.

VEEMEE platform is a food traceability tool and smart logistics service that provides added value to food producers (farmers), distributors and retailers. Through its services in 2020, VeeMee together with customers processed more than 1,800 tons of food, which resulted in saving 750 tons of food and reducing CO2 emissions caused by transport by 64 tons.

More information is available HERE.

Oikon d.o.o.

Oikon is a Croatian company leading in the professional field of nature and environmental protection, but also in the management of natural resources, of which agricultural production plays a significant role. In its work, Oikon produces large amounts of data and information useful for agriculture, which it makes available to users in several ways in solving the challenges of Croatian agriculture.

Oikon’s experts calculated that Croatia has more than 400,000 hectares of unused agricultural land that could be cultivated very soon, which would greatly contribute to ensuring uninterrupted and self-sufficient production of food and beverages for national needs. Following this calculation, in April 2020, Oikon launched the initiative Let’s Plow Croatian Fields with the aim of mobilizing Croatian agricultural potential.

More information is available HERE.


Donations, one example of good work practices in the supply chain, are key to eliminating hunger and ensuring a sufficient supply of food.

Kaufland Hrvatska k.d.

With the help of the Caritas network in Croatia, Kaufland has been implementing various food donation projects for years before the expiration date. Every week, Kaufland employees throughout Croatia separate products that are about to expire and send them to the logistics and distribution centre, where Caritas of the Zagreb Archdiocese picks them up and distributes them to users of kitchens and homes and other users in its area. From the middle of 2019, with the Archdiocesan and Diocesan Caritas, and from July 2020 with the City Societies of the Red Cross, it is agreed to take over donations of fresh food directly from the branches.

More information is available HERE.

HiPP Croatia d.o.o.

HiPP, as a socially responsible company, donates all its healthier products, which are of shorter duration, to the Intermediary who is registered in the Register according to the Ordinance on food donation. For HiPP, sustainability is not a marketing ploy. For more than 60 years, HiPP has been committed to organic-biological agriculture and is known as a pioneer in setting sustainability standards. Sustainability management is tied to the company as a whole and the entire supply chain.

More information is available HERE.

Podravka d.d.

As part of the project Helping socially vulnerable households during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in Croatia, Podravka donated its products and as many as 31,000 prepared packages found their way to socially vulnerable families throughout Croatia during September 2020.

More information is available HERE.


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