SLAVONIKA – National Agricultural Conference

10. March 2020. VeeMee

We were honoured to be part of a conference that poses and provides answers to many questions in the field of agriculture.

Students of agricultural faculties who attended the fifth national agricultural conference “Slavonika” had the opportunity to talk with the Minister of Agriculture Marija Vuckovic.

They were most interested in the incentives of the Ministry of Agriculture aimed at young farmers, and they shared with the Minister some of their thoughts on agricultural business in Croatia.

As part of the “Slavonika” conference, a panel entitled “Why does Croatia need digital agriculture?” moderated by Zdenko Lončarić, while the panel participants were Marko Kozjak, director of VeeMee d.o.o., Krunoslav Dugalić, Director of the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food (HAPIH), Assoc. Ivan Plaščak, Head of the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Renewable Energy Sources, Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences in Osijek and Denis Matijević, Director of Smarter d.o.o.

You can find the complete conference program at the web address:

:SLAVONIKA - National Agricultural Conference SLAVONIKA - National Agricultural Conference SLAVONIKA - National Agricultural Conference


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